Please note: Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the elected Executive Board. The Nominating Committee cannot nominate chairpersons, but would like to collect names of interested PTA members in order to help the new Board fill these positions. If you are interested in chairing an event or program please contact us at


General Enrichment


Chair: Volunteers Needed

Time Commitment: Throughout the year, Minimal to moderate time commitment.


Available on the school campus right after school, the ACE program provides high-quality, after school enrichment education to Irvine's public school children. Each semester, thousands of children participate through ACE in science, math, language, fine arts, technology, and much more. By offering classes in areas not available during school hours, IPSF's ACE Program helps to greatly enrich the diversity of educational experiences available to our kids.

This is an amazing program sponsored by IPSF but is at risk of being eliminated at Stonegate if we don't get volunteers to help administer the program. Please check for more info.




Chair: Volunteers Needed

Time Commitment: One month leading up to tasting day which takes place in February


Cultural Week is an opportunity for Stonegate students to learn about different cultures. Each year, a country or continent is selected. Work with teachers and students to decorate the school campus and library, provide tours. Help end the 2 week program with a kids' tasting event during lunch time.




Chair: Beth Vance


The objective of this program is to foster a love of reading. This is a voluntary program for the students, though the majority of students choose to participate at some level. Students earn prizes as they read outside class time and record their reading minutes online.




Chair: Kathy Lau and Ritu Nagpal

Time Commitment: Coordinate Reflections submissions which are due in October.


Volunteers needed in the fall to help exhibit student artwork and turn in entries to the Irvine PTA Reflections Committee. Students may submit entries in dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. Visit our Reflections page for additional information.