2023-2024 PTA CALENDAR

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The Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA organization is made up of our parents, family members, and teachers. We are the central element of collaboration, connection, and support, dedicated to enriching the educational experience of every child at Stonegate Elementary.


Why should you consider becoming a Stonegate PTA member?


Community Bonding:

Our PTA serves as a collective hub, uniting Stonegate parents, guardians, and teachers with a shared purpose. Your active involvement not only supports the school but also paves the way for new friendships and meaningful connections.


Empowering Education and Change:

Your participation in PTA activities plays a vital role in elevating the educational resources and opportunities accessible to our students. Together, we amplify their growth and potential.


Memorable Events:

We organize memorable events, workshops, and initiatives that add another level of fun and enrichment to the school experience. The highly anticipated 2023-24 event calendar is on the horizon, and we look forward to sharing all of it with you!


For our PTA to be truly effective and representative of the Stonegate community, it is essential to have families participate! Be a part of our PTA and help us build a stronger more diverse and inclusive school community. We can do more together.